With regards to sports, ASE’s students can choose from a wide array of physical activities, including basketball, volleyball, football, weight lifting, tennis, chess, cheer-leading and many more. ASE’s sports facilities are properly equipped and offer students the chance to practice team sports and individual sports at no cost. Sports are included in the curriculum for the first two years of study.

The 14 sports facilities are placed in the proximity of ASE campuses with the aim of encouraging students to have a healthy lifestyle:
A sports hall situated near Piaţa Romană (Stanislas Cihoschi Str. 7): courts for indoor basketball, volleyball, tennis, aerobics, fitness and bodybuilding,
Two bodybuilding rooms in the undergroung of the Ion Angelescu Building,
A bodybuilding room in the Belvedere campus.

ASE teams compete in national and international competitions in basketball, football, voleyball, swimming, chess. For further details on the competitions calendar and information on the selection for the teams, please contact the Sports Department: www.defs.ase.ro.
You can also practice sports in other facilities around Bucharest (e.g. Politehnica sports centers, near the Belvedere campus).